Witches Workshop

Casting the Witch's Circle workshop

Casting the Witch's Circle
A practical introduction to contemporary witchcraft
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Drawing Down the Moon workshop and ritual

Darwing Down the Moon
A one-day workshop and ritual intensive covering basic Circle ritual followed by a Full Moon esbat

Anatomy of a Witches' Coven workshop

Anatomy of a Witches' Coven
Taking group ritual work
to the next level– developing the synergy of Coven ritual
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Celtic Barbarians

Witch's Library
Curiosity before knowledge.

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WitchesWorkshop egroup:
This community was especially setup to keep Australian members informed about workshops, meetings and events which occur around the country. We are currently more than 1800 members. We encourage people to explore any pagan related topics and promote their events and activities. An all embracing pagan and magickal community where no question is considered too basic or too complex. Whether you are just starting out and are seeking the support of others of experience, or if you have been into 'it' forever and are looking for a forum in which to exchange ideas - you are invited to join us.

Witches Hotline - Everything for Witches! NEW
Not an eGroup in the strict sense of the word but a new community! All welcome. This website will give you an opportunity to submit articles on witchcraft, Wicca and other religious beliefs, and also you can share with the rest of the world your artwork or writings which will be displayed on the site.
Contact - Shadow Hag

Lillydale Pagans VIC
If you live nearby to the Lilydale area in Melbourne Australia
(Ringwood, Greensbough, Eltham, St.Andrews, Yarra Glen, Seville,
Croydon, ect.) then please join my new group - Look forward
to talking to you! All welcome.
Contact - Devon

The Celtic Barbarians · An Hereditary Clan of the Old Faith NEW
Barbarian Clan led by Hereditary Witches, we practice the old ways of our ancestors the European peoples, here in the upper Blue Mountains of NSW. Our beliefs and practices are derived from the primal Indo-European tradition of the barbarian hordes.. celts, picts, dacians, germanic and saxon tribes.
We celebrate the traditional Feasts with a simple honouring rite. This provides for a sociable environment for like-minded souls, in which they can meet, make contact, learn a little about the Old Faith, and honour the Old Gods. All sincere enquiries are welcome, and while we are selective as to whom we include, the genuine applicant will be made most welcome.

BabalonRising777 · Babalon Rising NEW
Babalon Rising is an egroup designed for Pagans, Witches and Ceremonial magicians who live in the blue mountains region. This group is designed to kindle networking and friendships, with the view of the facilitator running ritual and magickal workshops and a coven training circle, with the possibility of a mountains coven forming.

Pagan Alliance Northern Territory
Home of the Pagan Alliance in the Northern Territory.Membership of the Pagan Alliance NT is free. Members receive a membership card that entitles them to a discount at selected magical and New Age shops around Australia. Members also receive a membership badge and the quarterly NT newsletter.
NT eGroup

Pagan Alliance websiteEastern Sydney Pagans
A very new networking body for people living the 'eastside' of the Bridge. Its a resource for the local community - there's a guestbook, chatroom, calendar, messageboard and classifeids are all uploaded along with the main page.
Contact: Jessica

Temple of the Silver Oak South Australia
Following the Green Witchcraft tradition and based 35 minutes north of Adelaide, in South Australia (Est. Beltane, 1999.) We are a teaching coven who mentor students one to one and in small groups.

Tas Pagans Tasmania
A forum for Tasmanian 'devils' err Pagans! The egroup is dedicated to uniting both Tasmanian and Australian Pagans. You can also check out their website at: Tas Pagans

Pagan Parenting National
A forum for those who are of a nature based spirituality and have children. You may also join if you have a relative or friend who is pagan or if you want to gain a greater understanding. This site was put together so parents can get together and openly discuss their issues, seek support or ask advice. Open friendly discussion is encouraged just as sharing your experiences with us, your new extended family.

Lightningbird South Australia
South Australian Witches and a point of contact for our study group and local Pagan events. 

Aussie Pagan Musos
A group for Pagan musicians in Australia for the purpose of networking; exchanging information; searching for bands to join or finding musicians to form bands etc; promoting events or releases; asking or giving advice regarding the music industry; setting up Pagan music events or finding Pagan bands or musicians to fill an event opening. 

An egroup that covers information especially useful for witches in Australia. Information on Southern Hemisphere correspondences, moon phases, reiki, meditations, the goddess, the god, members poetry and much more.

Not strictly an 'egroup' but it is a Teen Pagan Network and is Australian based. The site aims to provide and place to seek out all things Pagan for Teens. It is a place to gain knowledge and communicate with other young Pagans, newbies or adepts.

Sydney Light Events
Not quite Pagan but they like Pagans. This egroup is dedicated to disseminating information about upcoming events to the alternative spiritual community, a one-stop resource of what's-on in and around the Sydney region.

Newcastle Wicca
A circle is dedicated to all on the path of the Goddess, in what ever shape or form. Based in Newcastle, NSW we meet at beautiful Rose Cottage in Waratah.

Order of the Fringe Dwellers
Here we can truly be akin - as we have all suffered a great injustice. Now come join the ranks and let us begin to grow in mind, in body and in size!

A list for those interested in Paganism and seeking to learn more about the basic beliefs and practices of those various Traditions within Paganism. Everything to White Lighters to Left Hand Path, from basic Magickal Protection to the basics of Ceremonial Magick.

Hail to Eris - for Australian magicians interested in Kaos or Chaos magick and works of Spare, Carroll, IOT and all lovers of the ordeals of Discordia.

Blue Mountains Pagans In The Park
This is a group for Blue Mountain, NSW Australian people to get together and talk, this is the original 'Pagans in the Park'.

Wicca Australia
A group designed for those interested or practising Wicca in Australia. This is a caring and supportive list where members can share their experiences and anything to do with Wicca and also make new like minded friends. We have our own book of shadows where only members can access and include their spells in. Please note that we are here to support one another and each other's traditions.

Wicca NSW
This group has been created for Wiccan's that live in NSW, Australia. A place to come and share your experiences, spells, rituals, events anything to do with Wicca, and of course make new like minded friends! We are here to support each other and respects each others traditions. You must be over 18 years of age in order to join this group.

Isis Star
A group set up to facilitate discussion and networking for those interested in Ancient Egyptian religion (Kemet), magick (Heka), belief systems (Stellar, Hermetic), spirituality and related Paganism. We are currently based in Australia.

Paracelsus College · Institute of Parachemistry
This group site is primarily a reading room as an extension of the Paracelsus College site.

WA Pagans
Mailing list especially for pagans in Western Australia. We are a moderated list designed to enable members to discuss things and network with others. Enables people on the list to contact general pagan community in WA, organise meetings, invite people to rituals etc. Sister group to Perth Pagans in the pub.

Witch Essentials
Unlocking Your Psychic abilities through a variety divination methods using Tarot cards, Ouija Boards, Witchcraft, Angel cards, Fairy cards, Herbs, Spices, Rune Stones, Astrology, Tea Leave Readings, Palmistry, and even Dream Analysis. Subject focussed, but fun.

A Gaelic traditionalist discussion group. Open for the curious and those that wish to learn more about more ancient and modern Gaelic culture and spirituality.

Handsonskin · Hand Drumming & Circles
Furthering the cause of hand drumming and percussion and ecstatic dance, preferably in a circle format. Use it as an info list for drum circles on the East coast of Australia or for questions about hand drumming, festival experiences, fire circle etiquette or where to get a new head or how to make a drum.

For the spawn of Lilith of all genders and sexualities, who have an interest in the sexual aspects of witchcraft. Here genders and sexualities are explored in all their forms in relation to magick. Social events, workshops and rituals are organised through this melbourne-centred group.

Aus/NZ Military Pagans
This is primarily a group for Australian and New Zealand Military pagans, but all military pagans are welcome. All topics are open for discussion, political and otherwise, just try to keep them military or pagan connected, no matter how fine the thread.

Southern Gums Circle
A social support group and learning circle for witches and pagans who are not members of covens.

Earthwise Australia
The Path of Australian Indigenous Witchcraft for the Southern Hemisphere.

Witch 'n' Stitch 'n' Bitch
A forum discussing patterns and craft ideas, organising local circles around Australia.

Australian Pagan Lifestyles
Australian Pagan and Heathen spirituality and beliefs. We are most interested in how we interact with the Society around us.

Act Elemental
For Pagan Activists in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.

Australian Witches
A new egroup started only at the Winter Solstice. Moderated by the very friendly Celeste. Interested in local Aussies and the collection of worthwhile links. They had a membership questionnaire which I actually enjoyed filling-in - didn't feel as though I had to be completely serious!

Witches Of Sydney
A place for Sydney Witches to meet, share experience and build community. A fledgling egroup and looking for members.

Circle of Elders
A fabulous list run by the fabulous Lenora for all people interested in things magical and metaphysical. An open list designed for balanced discussions on all areas of Witchcraft, parapsychology and metaphysics, particularly the common denominators found within those areas.

Adelaide Pagans
Share your experiences, meet other Adelaide based pagans and support each other along our spiritual journeys.

PANInc · Pagan Awareness Network Inc Australia
PAN is run as a non profit educational organisation, and has no formal ties with any religious body.

Much more than just an egroup.
A Community for Australian Pagans and their friends.

Long running egroup originally started by Astarte here in Australia and now a trans-Pacific egroup with an international membership.

Magick Happens
Witches, Fairies &; Mystics: magickal fair with stalls, workshop, performers and public speakers on everyone magickal - for the community, by the community.

White Darkness Australis
Afro-Caribbean religion and magical systems in Australia Andrew Zealand.

Haitian Vodou for Australians, New Zealanders and other peoples of the Region.

Witchcraft for beginners
Open to all newbies, would be Witches, Shamans, Druids and those who need a little guidance in the basic "how to" and "why not?"

Helping the Pagan community of Australia grow stronger!

Aussie Pagans
Friendly Online Australian-Pagan Community

AWN · Australian Witches Network
An Australian discussion group on all aspects of the Craft, Witchcraft, Paganism and Magick.

Brisbane Witches
A discussion circle for Witches, Pagans and their friends living in Brisbane and Queensland.

Adelaide Pagans
For Pagan Activists in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.

Witches of Melbourne
A place for Australian Melbourne Witches to meet, share experience and build community.

Witches of Canberra
A nurturing, supportive environment for friendship, advice and everything witchy on the local front in and around Canberra.

Witchcraft in Australia
A place to discuss wiccan, pagan, séances, incubus, supernatural, spellcraft, beliefs, events, and issues.

For ceremonial magicians in Australia.

Nearly all pagan events get listed here.

Planning a large convention for ceremonialists in Australia.

For witches in Byron and the North Coast.

Interesting Australian links:

JungMatters National
The egroup of the Australian CG Jung Societies www.jungdownunder.com

Australian Gatherings National
Connectig to every festival Beltain, Sydney Confesters,Rainbow gatherings, Large outdoor festivals, Fire circles , Druming circles, Comunity Building, Mens gatherings, Womens gatherings, World gatherings, Noode gatherings.

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