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Awaken the Witch within

Not sure where to start with your Witchcraft and pagan studies? It all begins by joining with others just like you.  We believe witches are stronger together. That's why we started Witches Workshop. Get our newsletter with all the news, workshops and upcoming events in the Witch community.


When you subscribe you'll get a FREE copy of "The Witches' Guide to the Elements" workbook.



We think you are the kind of Witch who wants to be wicked ... wicked at their Craft. 

Are you confused about where to start in your practice of Witchcraft? Have you struggled to find your tribe or community?


Our workshops welcome those new to the Craft. You'll find you don't need special knowledge or experience, and you'll be welcome within the Witches' community. Plus, the more workshops you do, the more you'll learn, experience and connect with others just like you. 


Witches Workshop has been running since 1999, and our teachers and presenters offer workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane,  Perth and internationally online. 


Begin your journey by joining any of our workshops. We offer more than 50 workshops in the core practices of the Witch's Craft. We've designed each workshop to guide you to find an authentic voice of the Witch-within.



Growing new generations of Witches

In May 2023 we mark a truly magical milestone for our beloved Witches Workshop — 23 years of fostering a thriving community and 15 years of engaging with you all on Facebook! We are incredibly grateful for the love, support, and wisdom that each of you has contributed to the growth of our community.

Over the years, we have been honoured to witness the many diverse expressions of the Witchcraft community, and we remain committed to encouraging and embracing these unique perspectives. Our strength lies in the rich tapestry of traditions, practices, and ideas that our members bring to the table.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for being part of our journey. Your participation and passion have made Witches Workshop a vibrant and nurturing space for seekers and practitioners alike.

We invite you to join us in commemorating this special milestone by sharing your experiences and stories within the Witches Workshop Facebook community. Let's continue to learn from one another, inspire each other, and celebrate the multifaceted nature of our collective spiritual path.

We welcome and encourage you to be part of our tribe. Here's to many more years of growth, connection, and witchy wisdom!

Blessed be,

The Witches Workshop:
Tim OzpaganPatricia Styles Cecchetelli, and Dr. Caroline Tully




Making a start is easy when you have the right tools and a community. 

AND as a special welcome to the Witches Workshop tribe, we have an exclusive FREE guide for new members.

When you join the Witches Workshop's tribe, you'll receive a free digital copy of our BONUS workbook — "The Witches' Guide to the Elements". Plus, we offer a weekly newsletter that will help you stay up to date. We cut through all the online noise and deliver just the important stories and news about pagan events. 

We believe Witches are stronger together that's why we started Witches Workshop. Since 1999 we have grown into a thriving community that provides both in-person and online events for Witches. Don't feel out of the loop, the Witches Workshop news will help to keep you informed and connected, and it's all FREE to join!

We believe Witches are stronger together. Come and nurture your inner-Witch and learn how to transform the theory of Witchcraft into a practise with our help.

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