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A Deeper Dive into
a Practice of Magick

Dark Tarot Magick

A course and investigative study of an approach to Magick with Tim 'Ozpagan' Hartridge.


Discover the confluence of mystery and transformation with the Dark Tarot Course. This course stands apart as a deep exploration into spiritual self-awareness, integrating elements of Magick, Witchcraft and divination to enrich your understanding of the self and destiny in a unique practice of modern sorcery.



Explore the Intricacies of the Dark Tarot

The Dark Tarot isn't just a course built on theoretical know-how; it's a course in the practice of Magick that merges traditional Witchcraft with modern Sorcery. You will create a one-of-a-kind avant-garde Tarot suite as a book of rituals customised for you. Based entirely upon your unique trance experiences, this method of approach to ritual practices will change your perception of Magick.

I'm Tim Ozpagan, the founder of Witches Workshop, and I offer you over four decades of experience in leading rituals, workshops and Witch Circles.

Here’s What You Can Expect

  • Expert Instruction: Benefit from the wisdom of seasoned Dark Tarot practitioners.

  • Interactive Learning: Participate in live sessions for hands-on practice and receive immediate guidance and feedback.

  • Comprehensive Resources: Gain access to extensive materials detailing Dark Tarot symbolism and ritual applications.

  • Community Support: Connect with a network of individuals on similar spiritual journeys.

Plus a digital copy of the Dark Tarot Toolbox, a detailed course workbook. 

“Love it, I always leave with so much energy and inspiration. Thank you Tim for sharing your knowledge and magick through such respectful and intelligent teachings.”



Who Will Benefit from this Course?

For anyone seeking a deeper spiritual understanding of the practices of Magick and Witchcraft, the methods explored can be easily incorporated into your own practices.

If you have been intrigued by the intersection of Tarot and Magick, but didn't have a method for implementing Tarot wisdom, this course will show you how.

Plus, there's so much value in sharing this journey with like-minded people. While workshop groups are kept small, our community is large. I want to ensure that each participant gets the personalised attention they deserve to get them started.


Would you like to be one of them? If so, you can secure your spot today. Don't miss out on an opportunity that could be as transformative for you as it has been for so many others.

Begin Your Journey in the Dark Tarot

Magick waits for no one. But it does respond to those who seek it. If you're ready to start your journey into the world of Witchcraft, guided by someone who's walked the path for decades, I invite you to join me for this unique course experience.

Secure Your Spot Now

Join us for a transformative experience.

Spaces are limited to maintain a personalised and immersive environment. Secure your spot in the Dark Tarot Course and embark on a journey to self-realization.
Exclusive Offer: When you enroll now to receive a specially designed Dark Tarot Toolbox workbook, a perfect companion for your course journey.


Take your first steps on your path into the psychic reality with the Dark Tarot Course.

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