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Who are our Coven Teachers?


Are you seeking an authentic and transformational experience in Witchcraft? Our team of certified teachers are master guides in providing one-of-a-kind experiences for individuals who are passionate about their psychic development and personal growth. Our teachers have years of experience in successfully conducting workshops, coven circles, and Witch camp retreats. We will guide you on your journey towards the Witch's path.


Our Story

Witches Workshop was founded in 1999 by Tim Ozpagan, a highly respected and experienced teacher of Witchcraft, Magick, Hermetic Philosophy, and Shamanic practices. Tim's goal in creating Witches Workshop was to provide a platform for students seeking a deeper and more authentic experience in the Witch's craft.


With Tim's guidance and expertise, Witches Workshop offers students a unique opportunity to explore the practices of the Witch's Craft. Our courses and workshops provide a comprehensive and authentic learning experience to help you not only unlock your full potential but to develop your unique expression as a Witch and find the Witch-within. Join us today and start your journey to mastering the art of Witchcraft.

Our Teachers

We hold our teachers to the highest standards as trainers of Witchcraft and Magick. To ensure that our teachers are well-versed in the Craft, we prioritize their personal experience of the psychic reality. Many of our teachers have undergone training in Nuit's Veil Coven, where the focus is on a direct and personal experience of the psychic reality.


In addition, we recognized other teachers as experts in their own right through a peer-review process, ensuring that they meet our professional criteria for excellence in order to teach for Witches Workshop.

If you're interested in attending one of our workshops or witch camp retreats, we invite you to visit our workshop pages for more information. Our courses provide a comprehensive and authentic learning experience for understanding the transformative power of Witchcraft. We look forward to the opportunity to help you on your journey towards mastering the Witch's Craft.

Meet The Team

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