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Northern Rivers Region Witches

If the idea of dancing beneath the full Moon has you saying "Where's my broom?" Then you are ready to start practising with the Northern Rivers Regions Witches and their tribe.


Join regular workshops where you'll learn how to use rituals, practices of magick, and the art of trance dances to heal yourself and the world. Our workshops will show you how to transform the theory of the Witches' Craft into a practice.


Beneath a Witch's Moon


Your journey on the Witch's Path begins here

Your facilitators are Lisa-Jane and Norm. You're invited to join them in this unique practice of ritual, and magick while learning the art of trance and dance.

The Workshop

Our workshops provide a unique space for you to connect with others while delving into the psyche, bringing moments of transcendental healing.

Join your tribe and invoke the Moon's inspiration that comes from working with an experienced coven of Witches.


In this workshop series, you'll learn to explore a deeper connection to the Witch within. Over 5 workshops you'll learn about:

  • embodying the elements

  • the role of myth in ritual

  • the act of devotion

  • spell casting, and

  • the use of Tarot as a journey tool.

By the end of the workshop, you will have learnt the ceremonial foundations to take part in a traditional Drawing Down of the Moon Rite, the Witches' Full Moon ritual.

Each workshop consists of both the theory and practice of ceremony. All you need to bring is a journal, a water bottle, and any percussion instruments you may have.


Wear comfortable clothing for dancing in and bring an optional cushion.


Register and get notified of our next Witch Circle event. When you register you'll receive our weekly newsletter and a bonus copy of "The Witch's Guide to the Elements".

Click below and join of tribe: 

Dance beneath the Moon's embrace


Workshops to learn from

Ready to deepen your knowledge and skills in the Witches' Craft? Our workshops are designed to help you do just that. As you attend more sessions, you'll continue to build upon your experience and expand your understanding of the Craft. Don't miss out on these valuable workshops. Subscribe with your email address today and receive updates about our upcoming workshops.


Your Witch Tribe

Feeling lost or disconnected from your witch tribe? It's a common struggle but we're here to help. Our gatherings are the perfect opportunity to learn from experienced witches who truly understand their craft. Don't miss out on the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and enhance your knowledge of witchcraft. Join us today and rediscover your sense of belonging.


Natural wonder Witches

Unleash your inner magic with our community of nature enthusiasts. If you're a believer in the power of nature and want to connect with like-minded individuals, we invite you to join us for an exhilarating dance and trance experience. Learn about our unique rituals and practices in the craft of witchcraft. Join us and become a part of our natural wonder tribe.

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