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Policies and Terms of Service

We have your best interest at heart, so if you have any concerns please read through this guide on how to reach out to us and what we can do for you. 

If you can't find what you need please email me.

You are in control of your personal information.

In May 2018, the European Union strengthened the rules governing the use of individuals whose data are provided to businesses. The rules included such things as, the right to be 'forgotten'. The General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) instructed businesses to take greater responsibility for how personal data, such as your name, email or phone number, are used and kept secure. 

WitchesWorkshop and OTHER magazine already had policies on the protection of personal privacy and data before the introduction of GDPR. The third-party email services we use ensured nothing could happen without an individual's approval; such as your right to unsubscribe or update your email preferences. Our emails provide an easy press-button opt-out and/or self-governance of your preferences. 

To help provide even greater transparency with how WitchesWorkshop and OTHER magazine do things this page provides both a summary and more detailed explanations. Our policy guidelines below come under advice from a legal team of experts.

Because the guide below is not just our ideas and voice but forms a legal agreement, the language can be a bit 'legalese', i.e., formal and technical. The following provides a plain English explanation of how your data may be used by us to communicate with you.




Here are a couple of typical scenario explanations of what happens when you give us your name and email address.

Scenario 1. You fill in an enquiry form on one of our web pages, and you want to know about a workshop that is coming up. The workshop could be an in-person or an online course, or even a witch camp retreat-style event. 


What happens next? To provide you with all the relevant information you will receive from us several emails. The first might be a general response and thank you for your interest. A second email will provide details about the workshop, or if that event is full, you'll be informed that you are on a waiting list

Your name and email are kept on a secure email server and are never shared. When a new workshop event is offered or details in our magazine are available you will be sent an update and information.


Scenario 2. You ask for more information about any of our workshops or our publications.

What happens next?  To provide you with all the relevant information you will receive several emails from us. We usually first reply with a ‘thank you’ message and then usually explain what you can expect to receive from us (e.g., how many emails and the frequency of emails).


The next email will tell you about what we do and how you can attend future workshops and courses, any costs, or news about our publications. If there was a free download viable a link to the download page is provided. For any physical print publications, your order will involve you providing a delivery address via the ordering page. This along with your name and email address is held on the secure server by our email provider and not us.

Your name, address and email are never shared.


“The ritual was a truly transformational and healing experience... I experienced energy so powerful that it racked my body back and forth like a serpent. Drum rhythms I've never played before, and then I turned into a cat! I feel like I've been to voodoo land and back!”


Privacy, Terms and Conditions 

Online workshops and courses

Because you are provided access to the course materials on payment, regrettably no refunds will be made to the value of these items.

If you have any concerns, please contact Tim Ozpagan

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