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How to create
a Witch Circle

What are the core ingredients to creating great connections in your Witch tribe?

If you've asked this question, you are ready to begin a Witch Circle, and I can provide a comprehensive guide to getting you started.

"How to Create a Witch Circle" is a course for Witches who want to create a great working group and a community.

Coming soon: "How to Create a Witch Circle" is the only comprehensive guide you'll ever need

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Welcome to Witch Circle

Meet Tim Ozpagan, your expert instructor for the "How to Create a Witch Circle" course. With over 50 years of experience leading traditional Witch Covens and Meetup groups, Tim has honed his skills in fostering a vibrant and supportive community of Witches. Drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience, the course offers a proven formula for creating your own Witch Circle. Join Tim on this journey to explore the psychic experience and take the next step in your own practice.

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7 Steps to creating a Witch Circle group

Life is short. Yeah, I get it, and you want your Witch Circle started already. As a bonus to this course, I've created a Quick Start 7-step Guide to creating a Witch Circle group that you can use immediately. Designed as a build-as-you-go intensive, you can literally start straight away and I will guide you.


What the students say

Love it, I always leave with so much energy and inspiration. Thank you Tim for sharing your knowledge and magic through such respectful and intelligent teachings. — Catherine

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