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How to create
a Witch Circle

Are you wanting to build a thriving Witchcraft community and create a supportive Witch tribe? "How to Create a Witch Circle" is a comprehensive course designed to provide the steps to start a successful working group.
I'm Tim Ozpagan, the founder of Witches Workshop. With over 40 years of experience in creating and running Witch Circles, I've designed my course from some hard-won experiences. It's no theory of how to run your group; I've already been there many times. Instead, you'll simply get on with each new step, guided by someone who can show you how it's done.

In just 30 days, you'll go from the idea of a Witch Circle to your first meeting. I'll guide you, step-by-step, to build a vibrant community around your personal Witch practices.

Coming soon:
"How to Create a Witch Circle"
The only comprehensive guide you'll ever need


But isn't starting a  Witch Circle difficult?

Not when you have a framework and someone to guide you.

If you've tried to start a Witch Circle before but had no luck. Or you may have tried looking for one you could join, but you didn't find one. This course will show you another way—and why starting one yourself is more satisfying. 


This learn-as-you-go course will equip you with all the tools and knowledge you need to build a brilliant Witch tribe. You'll go from no idea to a clear and actionable plan of what to do next.

And then everything changed...


If you are tired of feeling alone or unsupported on your Witchcraft journey, I can show you how to change all that...and an excellent reason to try something else. With my guidance, I'' show you how to connect with like-minded Witches. The first goal of the course to create an inclusive and supportive tribe—and having your Witch Circle will change everything for you. 


Creating a Witch Circle can be a satisfying and soul-making experience for both you and your tribe.



But how is it possible to get my Witch Circle started in just 30 days?

The method I use will show you how I apply the fundamental building blocks, and then I repeat the steps, building the tribe. This is not unlike building layer upon layer, but with each new level, we will make adjustments to take advantage of your tribe's experience. Each new round provides learnings you'll incorporate into your Witch Circle's maturing persona—sometimes referred to as soul-making.

A framework formula 

I have designed these simple steps as a learn-as-you-go framework. The course provides many new and valuable experiences. You'll discover just how powerful the framework for a Witch Circle makes it easy to put into practice. 


You may think this is arguably an undertaking that typically takes years, but I've discovered it needn't. Instead, having a Witch Circle means you'll grow in experience because your members help to amplify each learning experience. And you'll discover the course framework provides a safe place to build your tribe. 

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All the Steps to creating a successful Witch Circle

Life is short. Yeah, I get it, and you want your Witch Circle started already. As a bonus to this course, I've created a Quick Start 7-step Guide to creating a Witch Circle group that you can use immediately. Designed as a build-as-you-go intensive, you can literally start straight away, and I will guide you to be up and running in just 30 days.

“Love it, I always leave with so much energy and inspiration. Thank you Tim for sharing your knowledge and magic through such respectful and intelligent teachings.”


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