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Tim Ozpagan

Hi, I'm Tim Ozpagan

I've been a practising Witch since my early teens. In 1973, I performed a ritual to attract people of like mind; from that year onward, I've been involved in coven-based Witchcraft. 

I'm passionate about sharing my practices with students who are ready to make a start on their personal journey, the path of the Witch. If you feel ready, I will teach you how we each have an innate psychic ability, the natural Witch or Witch-within. This Witch is that part of ourselves that yearns to be heard. My teachings include inspired ritual, dance and trance; I'll show you how it is possible to cultivate and extend the powers of the natural Witch and remember her song.


My lifelong interest in Witchcraft has been a journey toward a better understanding of the psychic reality. In my workshops and courses, you can expect an in-depth exploration of this subject, including Wicca, Magick, Hermetic Philosophy, and Shamanic practices. I teach by example, offering a personal account of these and many other fascinating fields of study.


I look forward to speaking and working with you.

Tim Ozpagan

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Thanks for reaching out. Tim will be in touch soon.


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