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NOX Sanctus: night soul-journey incense. Our incense contains pure Myrrh powder, resin and wood blended with a high-grade Frankincense and White Copal. When combined in ritual, this aromatic gum produces a trance state that will aid in deepening your visions.


I have used and taught the NOX ritual has been a trance practicum since 1983. I chose Myrrh as the chief ingredient for the NOX ritual incense because it invokes deep netherworld experiences. It is extremely strong, and it's recommended that you have good ventilation.


Myrrh is a fragrant gum resin extracted from several small, thorny tree species of the genus Commiphora. The word myrrh corresponds with a common Semitic root m-r-r meaning "bitter", and indeed the incense, when burned, gives off a bitter, woody odour.


There's a distinct funereal aspect to the use of Myrrh in rituals. From at least the time of the Ancient Egyptians, they have employed Myrrh in rituals and the embalming of mummies. 


The magickal correspondences of Myrrh include the colour black and the planet Saturn, which is also called Kronos or Time (i.e. chronology). Saturn corresponds to the World card in the Tarot (Atu XXI), also called the Universe in the Thoth Tarot. Saturn also has correspondence with the chthonic, nigredo (black phase in alchemy), and the Devil card as Capricorn, which Saturn rules. 


Nigredo, or blackness, is associated with decomposition and solve, the first stage in the alchemical process of transformation.


The NOX Sanctus incense is particularly designed for magical operations involving descent into the underworld and unconsciousness.

NOX night soul-journey incense 100g

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  • Our incenses are blended by hand and individually created for you. Whenever possible, we use recycled glass bottles and we print on paper and labels that are FSR® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.   

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